Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beverage Breakdown

This Saturday marks two fun events, The Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo! Both have their known cocktails...the Mint Julep and Margaritas! Whether your throwing on a big hat, or a sombrero, these recipes will be sure to quench your thirst...

The Mint Julep-always known as a Derby staple!  For each serving: Crush 4 cups of ice. In a pint glass or cocktail shaker, use a wooden muddler to muddle 8 mint leaves and a teaspoon of brown sugar. Add 2 ounces of Maker's and stir. Pack a classic pewter julep cup with ice until overflowing. Strain bourbon mixture into cup. Stir drink until the outside of the cup frosts. Top with more ice, garnish with a fresh mint spring, and serve

The Classic Margarita- tequila always makes a celebration fun, especially for Cinco de Mayo! Here is an amazing margarita recipe you will love! They're super easy and are the perfect classic margarita. To change it up a bit, add Mountain Dew instead of 7up! OLE!

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