Sunday, August 5, 2012

Paramount Reminders

I spent my afternoon on the beach today. I saw the sweetest elderly man walking down to put his toes in the water, grasping his son's shoulder with one hand, and his cane squeezed so tightly with the other. It took him 30 minutes to make the short trek, slowly and cautiously putting one foot in front of the other. His son left to go get shoes for him because he felt the walk back may be too unsteady for the elderly man....annnddddd cue in the tears. Those of you who know me in the slightest bit, know I am a big softy with a huge heart, however usually I can keep it together. This just touched me in a different way. When the son returned, I sat and watched the man spend 30 minutes trying to dust off his feet and secure his shoes. Again, the son diligently walked his elderly father back to the chair. Tears are streaming down my face, and I am biting my lip to keep my chin from trembling. (The sweet ballads coming through my headphones, probably just added to it, similar to the way a movie soundtrack does).

Most people would turn down the opportunity to treat someone to the beach who takes so much care and an unsurmountable amount of patience. Most people write it off as being too much of a hassle. The son took him anyway, confident he would bring the man happiness with this small endeavor. He probably never gets to go, seeing no one will take 30 minutes to walk a short distance to that waters edge with him. 

 Watching, I was overwhelmed with the warmest feeling of pure joy- one that filled my eyes and heart with happiness. Did I get that feeling when I walked up to the checkout to buy this expensive bathing suit I have on? Maybe tears filled my eyes when I saw my bank account but it certainly didn't give me this feeling. What about when I bought those new sunglasses because they are what is in? Or when I wake up after a night out? Or when I had to have the newest iPhone? Nope, none of them brought the joy that I had on the beach today, showing me these values are most important.....love, patience, family. Those virtues can lead you through just about anything. Life has a way of reminding you what is paramount, today was a reminder.

I sent the text.... "I'll take you to the beach Momma, even if it takes hours."

- Katie

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