Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year, New You!

With the New Year, brings new resolutions to better yourself. The gym has been absolutely packed and getting back into shape and living a healthier lifestyle is one of my resolutions, as well. Christmas morning I was introduced to lululemon for the first time. It was love at first sight.  Originally the company started in Vancouver, but has made its way to the states, gracing the pages of fashion magazines, Good Morning America's most wanted gifts, and has become a must-have in celebrity closets. Dad is in on the hip and trendy must-haves for sure because I cant live without my lululemon. Here's what "Santa" brought me...

Lululemon offers long pants, which I love! These pants are long but versatile. The bottoms have strings to tighten them above your shoes so they are not in the way while working out, running, etc! A great plus!

Lululemon is great for amazing, long lasting, great quality workout gear. They have a of variety of work out clothes and yoga wear for men and women, alike. The closest store is in Raleigh's North Hills.  Here are some other great pieces lululemon has to add to your wishlist! Fashionable, comfortable clothes make a healthy New Years resolution a little bit more enjoyable ;)


Enjoy and Stay Fit!

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