Saturday, January 21, 2012

Packing Light

We all know its hard to 'pack light', actually its universally impossible for any female to pack light. It's always "Maybe Ill need this", "What if I will be in the mood to wear this?", "What if it rains?" "This is new, I should bring this", and before you know it, you have three suitcases waiting to be lugged around. Think we would learn our lesson, right? 

Wrong. Even achieving the task of packing lighter can make us feel uneasy and unprepared. Ladies, I have found the golden ticket. I found myself packing 3 bags to visit Chip in Raleigh for ONE weekend, but I am proud to say I have dwindled down from three colossally crammed bags to one pretty petite duffle. This right here is my packing bible...

The variations and combinations are endless! 
Bon Voyage!

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