Thursday, February 2, 2012


My Mom and  Chip's sister, Anna, both just had a birthday approaching so I decided to paint them serving trays for their homes! A trendy serving tray is perfect for on top of a home bar or bar cart, for holding books or coasters on a coffee table, entertaining indoor or out, to take on the boat, picnics, etc. Homemade gifts are thoughtful and this one will only cost you $8 per project! 
Heres how..

I bought this lightweight tray from Michaels so it would easily be grabbed and fit into a boat bag for lunch out on the water! Michaels had this tray on clearance for a thrifty $3.99!

I used Michaels brand CraftSmart Paints in Khaki, White, Navy and Pink. Michaels Brand paint costs $0.64 a piece!


1. I painted 3 coats of white CraftSmart Paint to cover thoroughly and evenly with a small sponge brush
2. I painted the insides of the tray with the color but this is optional! Be creative!
3. I hand drew chevron zig zags with pencil to map out my design.
(*If you have a hard time free handing, here is a tutorial on how to paint chevron!)
4. Paint every other chevron stripe khaki with a small paint brush for detail
5. Repeat khaki coat as desired
6. Print out a design or monogram and hold against a window tracing the outside of the figure on the back side of the paper (the side without ink)
7. After initially tracing the design, go over it again with a sharpened pencil. You want to make sure the outline has a lot of lead so it rubs off!
At this point you should see the chevron design and the tray is finished and ready for a monogram or design!

8. Place the design ink up on the tray. The penciled side should be on the tray. Take the design this way
9. Use a pencil or pen to quickly rub back and forth on the top of the design. This will make the lead come off onto the wood so the image is traced on the tray! (Similar to leaf rubbings from elementary school!
10. Use the newly stenciled design to hand paint it with whatever color you choose using a small detailed paintbrush.

anddd the finished produccttt.....

I suggest sealing your project with polyurethane or ModgePodge, especially if you intend to use it outdoors or as a place for drinks! Happy Crafting :)


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  1. Katie these are soo cute! You are so crafty and creative :)


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