Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Words Cant Describe

I had the most magical Valentine's Day ever and it was everything I could ever imagine and more. Chip did such a good job planning our first Valentines Day together and made me feel so special and loved. He drove down to spend the evening with me and we had such an amazing night. He surprised me by taking me to Indochine, one of my favorite restaurants because I absolutely love Thai food. The waiters there surprised all the females by bringing them a single stem rose. We had a fabulous dinner, paired with wine and lots of laughs. 

He graced me with the sweeeetesstt homemade card (which are the best) and this gorgeous gold nautical ring. Its dainty and nautical, so of course I absolutely love it. It symbolizes that our love runs 'mer a l'autre" or sea to sea. He is so kind and thoughtful and knows me all too well. 

As if it weren't already the perfect night, we changed into sweats and Chip took me to see The Vow, after I've been swooning over the trailer for what seems like forever now. And of course, as I figured, I sobbed the entire time. I loved it though and cant wait to see it again. The plot of the movie is sad but is also inspiring knowing love like that still exists, after all it is based on a true story. When we got home, there was another surprise...he really out did himself. Chip told me to go inside and get bundled up and when he called to come meet him where he was. 

He called and told me to walk out of our beach access. When I did, I saw Chip holding what looked like two white towels in the distant, behind his back. When I got up to him, he explained for our first Valentines Day together, he wanted us to start a tradition. He pulled out 2 white Chinese Lanterns. I always talk about how beautiful they are and how cool it would be to do one. We talked about our new tradition and watched them float away forever, until they were so far, the light glimmered and eventually faded away. It was one of the coolest things to watch and such a special moment.

Thank you Chip for the most amazing night ever! Im so thankful and blessed!
Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day as well!!


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