Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Treats

The kids I teach are on Spring Break this week so I am enjoying a pretty easy week. In my free time, I look forward to making these Easter Vanilla Macarons with Nutella from A Taste of Koko! They are just darling, and fuel my obsession with macarons!

Vanilla Macarons with Nutella

100 g Egg whites
90 g Almond meal
181 g Powdered sugar
3.6 Tbsp Granulated sugar
1 tsp Real Vanilla extract
Food coloring, optional
Beat egg whites until foamy and add in one tablespoon of granulated sugar one by one. Beat until stiff peaks form. Add in your choice of extracts and food coloring. 
Sift almond meal and powdered sugar together in a separate bowl.
Fold in almond meal and powdered sugar into the stiff egg whites until you get a lava-like batter. Use a rubber spatula for this step.
Note: It's important to not undermix and overmix the batter. 
Transfer batter to a piping bag with Wilton 12 round tip and pipe circles onto a Silpat.
Note: If your batter is more on the runny side, leave plenty of room between the circles because the batter will spread.
Allow a hard crust to form on the freshly piped macarons. This will take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour depending on the humidity in your kitchen.
Preheat oven to 300F. Bake macarons for 5 minutes on each side to ensure even baking.
Allow macarons to cool before removing from Silpat. Store in an air-tight container up to one week. 

Whipped Nutella Filling

1/2 c Heavy cream
2 oz Bittersweet chocolate
3 Tbsp Nutella
In a small saucepan, bring heavy cream to a simmer.
Pour over chocolate and nutella. Allow to sit for 20 seconds. This allows the chocolate to melt and not seize up
Using a electric mixer, whip the ganache until light in consistency
Use a piping bag to pipe whipped filling between macaron shells and sandwich. 

If you haven't checked out A Taste of Koko, I highly suggest it! 
Remember to register for the free giveaway! The winner will be announced soon!


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