Monday, April 30, 2012

Loving Lilly

I went to the Lilly store today, knowing I was on the lookout for scalloped shorts. I have been wanting scalloped shorts for a long time so I was sure that I would be purchasing the Buttercup Short in the print Mariposa...

However, the new Summer Collection hit the shelves today and I fell in love with the new Summer print, "You Gotta Regatta".

This print does not come in the scalloped short so I just got the regular ones, because I had to have this print. They are perfect for warm weather and have so many colors, they can be worn with anything! Here are some more NEW Summer Prints Lilly Pulitzer has come out with that I am just loving...

Look at the Buoys! Ahh, Lilly has yet to disappoint.

- Katie


  1. Have you been to Palm Avenue in Cameron Village?! Lilly overload! Home decor too! :) - Melanie J.

  2. yes! I absolutely love the lilly interior stuff they have! I always just have to peak hehe thanks for reading!


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