Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Bun Breakdown

To say that I love the "bun trend" would be an understatement. Its super easy, takes about 10 mintues, and can be done with next day hair, or in other words, unwashed hair. It is a easy solution for a simple, classy style that is great for when you don't feel like  getting ready or blow-drying your hair! I have dark hair and usually make mine pretty big so I like to call mine the "Kim K" bun. Kim Kardashian is known for rocking this style, dressed up or casual. Here are some celebs that do the bun just right. 

So here is the breakdown on the bun. I love the sleek polished look, but a messy bun is a precious addition to a casual outfit. In order to secure a messy bun, I turn my head over, grab all of my hair at the end, twist it up tight and wrap it around in a circular motion until you get a bun. Secure with elastic and stretch the bun out and pull out pieces, for desired messy-ness. If you like the more dramatic effect, tease your hair before making the bun. The messy bun can be done in multiple ways so its a process of playing until you find your way. Here are some examples of the messy bun, done right.

Okay, next in the bun breakdown, is the sleek and polished bun, like the celeb pics above. I secure the sleek bun by pulling up a very tight pony. The pony should be in line diagonally with your chin bone to the back of your head. I secure the pony and then back comb or tease the entire pony. Then I use a sock around the pony. After you have put the sock around, tease again, then polish the outside hair by brushing it. Wrap the hair around the sock and pin it with open bobby-pins. There are many tutorials online if you are a visual person. Here are some examples of the polished bun that can be done using a sock..

On New Years Eve, I  wore my "Kim K" bun for a night out with Chip!


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