Monday, March 5, 2012

The Countdown Begins...

I wasn't planning on an extravagant island vacay for Spring Break, or any kind of trip for that matter. However, the beau and I have been wanting to go to the City for a while so we planned an impromptu trip, got a little apartment in Soho for a nice, long weekend away and man, am I excited! We've planned out our days full of sightseeing, dining and of course, shopping (Sorry, Chip). Fashion week was just in NYC, so I've been dying to go shopping in the City. My friends, Kaitlyn, Mackenzie, and Rebekah will be there as well, so were hoping to enjoy a night or two on the town with friends, as well.  However, this week is full of midterms & assignments before our little vacation, so I am anxiously counting down the days. Ahh, just get me there already! 

Any suggestions or must-haves for what we should eat, do, see or any good shopping spots? Hope you all have had a fabulous Monday!


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