Friday, March 2, 2012

First Things First

Well, Spring Break is approaching quickly and I am sure everyone is so excited to get away and enjoy some warmth and sun! It has been so warm lately that Summer feels in sight, and school is getting a little less attention. The little hints of Vitamin D, have summer-itis hitting me at an all-time high. BUT before you can do this...

You have to do this...

Yes, the dreaded time everyone hates...exams. Midterms are here and unfortunately before you can bask in the sun and enjoy drinks with tiny umbrellas, you gotta hit the books. Here are some highly effective study skills to get you through the week and get you one step closer to suntan lotion and frosty cocktails..

1. Reduce Interference
2. Space it Out
3. Use whole and part learning
4. Recite it
5. Use a study system 

For examples and explanations, read here! These are strategies I have used and been successful with. Hope these help! Good Luck!


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